Empress In The Garden


Empress In The Garden is a healing art, an act of self discovery. 

It's a fertile practice of playing with light, of uniting mind and body, breath and imagination, with creativity.

Empress In The Garden is a mindful meditation rooted in the riches of self awareness and the connection to that reflection in the outside world. It's purpose is to awaken, to nurture the nature of creative power, of beauty, into all that we grow. 

There are many forms of meditation. This one is based upon the tenet every Empress knows best: 

State of being determines quality of creation. 

Therefore, to meet in the garden is to meet with adoration, the gift of creation. It is to know well, the art of self love. 

In this course, we will identify and establish the key compost of the garden: presence aka self awareness. We will creatively embrace the health and wealth of our body by use of our imagination and divine light as source to engage our centers of growth via the chakras. 

In the garden we will let life open up from the inside out, as we embrace our innate and most fertile treasure, the divine feminine healing art of creative pleasure. 


I thank you, from my heart, for joining. 

This course is based upon and companion to the book:


What's included?

4 Surveys
12 Texts
2 Audios

About the instructor

IAMCITIZENJANE is a pen name designed to speak to every SHE, all over the world, to celebrate who we are, no matter where we are, the similar heart we own. 

 Julie Sergel, the SHE behind the name, grew up in the country to fall in love with the city. SHE studied fine arts and fashion at The Fashion Institute of Technology, then worked in the music industry (Def Jam/Sony). SHE got her degree in Creative Writing at The New School. SHE also worked in natural health, learning about herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine, biofeedback, energy medicine, flower essences, crystals, essential oils, mind/body connection, and many forms of healing. With a deep interest in new age spirituality, astrology, and tarot, SHE recognized the heart of art, the symbols, elements, imagery and vibrational frequencies, 'the music,' that helps guide and connect us more intimately to ourselves and all of life. 

IAMCITIZENJANE has been deeply influenced by the divine feminine and the healing arts. Her books on The Empress speak to the heart of creative self expression. 

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